JOGEN CHOWDHURY - formative to recent

From 19 February, CIMA Gallery will be hosting a visual ‘complete works’ of Jogen Chowdhury; it is a peregrination through different times and influences. The exhibition, by unfolding artworks of different media - paintings, film posters, drawings, etchings and lithographs (many of which have never been exhibited before), will quietly reconfirm Chowdhury’s faith, of creating art being the vital source of an artist’s life. It is what makes an artist different from the rest of us – the compulsion to express oneself and to understand the world, visually.

Jogen Chowdhury has played an influential role in the world of Indian contemporary art and has been one of its most successful.

Dates : Feb 19, 2014 - Mar 29, 2014

For enquiries : Animesh Dey []



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