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CIMA Gallery is excited to present, the much awaited, one man exhibition of Lalu Prosad Shaw. This is almost a retrospective of the artist and a major exhibition composed of fifty-seven artworks. One of India's premier artists, his paintings in tempera and the drawings are coveted by collectors. Shaw's paintings are figurative, the narrative is nostalgic; imbued with humour, lyrical and tongue-in-cheek of human relationships. His images, recollect Bengal's traditional art of the Alpana and Pata Chitra.The paintings and drawings reveal the strong linear skills and the secular and cosmopolitan nature of Lalu Prosad Shaw. His life story reflects this juxtaposition of the traditional and modern - raised in Suri in Birbhum District, his initiation into art began at home. The tempera paintings open out to us, the viewer, Shaw's childhood. The essentially pastoral and domestic experience.

Much against the wishes of his father but with a silent consent from his mother, Shaw came to Calcutta to pursue studying art. He first attended the Indian Art College and then a year later, joined the Government College of Art and Craft. In the city, Shaw's dormitory room was above a machinery junkyard and the scenery was of colliding, angular constructions which were inhabited by bird’s nests, goats and dogs. All these forms have entered into Shaw's work and can be said, to be the biographical elements of his art. Shaw's preference for clean, angular lines not only hint at the experience of living surrounded by machinery but more importantly, also suggest the important influence, East Asian art had on art in Bengal, particularly East Asian Calligraphy.

The exhibition gives a wide history of not only an important artist but also, of the influences in modern art in India.

Dates : Aug 7, 2015 - Sep 5, 2015

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